Full-Length Play

Marriages of Inconvenience

A Play in Two Acts by William Ivor Fowkes

Three married men pay the price for leading double lives in a time of social change.


LENGTH: 2 hours (plus intermission)

CAST: 5M, 3F (17 characters)


Marriages of Inconvenience is based on a portion of an unpublished novel of the same name by William Ivor Fowkes.  




When marriage isn’t the perfect solution, you may have a problem on your hands. This play presents the lives of three men living in the same town whose marriages may have turned out to be less than ideal. Two of them have been best friends and lovers since college, but nevertheless set off to marry women, start families, and live as next-door neighbors, hiding the true nature of their relationship from their families and the rest of the world. A third man marries his college sweetheart, who may or may not be manipulating him the whole time. These stories are played out against the backdrop of sweeping social changes—beginning shortly after Stonewall and ending in Provincetown after gay marriage has been legalized in Massachusetts. Set in New York City, Bronxville (one of its affluent suburbs), and beyond and spanning 30 years of changing attitudes toward homosexuality, this play addresses themes of fidelity, social convention, authenticity and, ultimately, self-acceptance.