WILLIAM IVOR FOWKES is an award-winning author and playwright based in Manhattan and Connecticut. His work explores human relationships, gay issues, religion, love, sex, aging, dying, and art. A member of the Dramatists Guild, he is the author of numerous full-length plays, short plays, and short stories. His plays have been presented in 23 states and the District of Columbia and on the radio. Several have been published. 


His fiction has been published in many journals, including Eureka Literary MagazineThe Dirty GoatThe Nassau ReviewThe Chariton ReviewLullwater Review, and others. He has been a FINALIST for the Reva Shiner Comedy Award (Bloomington Playwrights Project) and the W. Keith Hedrick Playwriting Contest (HRC Showcase Theatre) as well as a SEMI-FINALIST for the Playwrights First Award (National Arts Club), the Promising Playwright Award (Colonial Players, MD), and the Princess Grace Playwriting Award.



His full-length plays include ALL IN THE FACULTY (Dramatists Play Service), PRIVATE PROPERTY (The Players Ring, 2018), MUSEUM LOVERS (Harlequin Productions, 2017), SUNSHINE QUEST (Fresh Fruit Festival), THE BEST PLACE WE’VE EVER LIVED (Love Creek Productions), COUPLE OF THE CENTURY (Downtown Urban Theater Festival), THE GERMAN LESSON (Great Plains Theatre Conference Playlabs), and others. 


His short plays include THE DAKOTA (Best Short Play, Downtown Urban Theater Festival), THE BRAZILIAN DILEMMA (First Prize, McLean Drama Company; film version by Collective NY Films), THE NEXT MOVE (Best New One-Act Play, Brevard Theater), THE SESSION (Pushcart Prize Nominee), TABLE MANNERS IN CHICAGOLAND (Winner, 2017 Nor’Eastern Play Writing Contest, Vermont Actors’ Repertory Theatre), AN ACCIDENT IN THE PARK (William Inge Theatre Festival), A REMARKABLE MAN (Gallery Players, Brooklyn), and others. 


His work has been produced or developed at Pulse Ensemble Theatre (NY), Penobscot Theatre Company (ME), Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Collective NY, Cherry Lane Theatre, , Gallery Players (Brooklyn), Silver Spring Stage (MD), Warner Theatre (CT), American Globe Theatre, Colonial Playhouse (PA), Theatre Oxford (MS), Great Plains Theatre Conference Playlabs (NE), Turtle Shell Theater, Sundog Theatre, Strawberry One-Act Festival, CAST Players (CA), Thespian Production, Abingdon Theatre, Artistic New Directions, Shoestring Radio Theatre, Stage Left Theatre (WA), Stage Left Theatre (Chicago),  Spokane Radio Theatre (WA), Love Creek Productions, Harlequin Productions, Khaos Theater Company (IN), The Players' Ring (NH), The Fresh Fruit Festival, William Inge Theater Festival (KS), Pend Oreille Players (WA), North Canton Playhouse (OH), Theatre Southwest (TX), The Warner International Playwrights Festival (CT), Petaluma Radio Players (CA), The Radio Theatre Project (FL), Vermont Actors' Repertory Theatre (VT), and elsewhere.



A graduate of Yale University (BA, magna cum laude) and Northwestern University (MA, PhD), he is also the author of the book, A Hegelian Account of Contemporary Art and several articles on philosophy and aesthetics. He began his professional life as a professor of philosophy and aesthetics, teaching at Hobart & William Smith Colleges and Northwestern University. He has twice been the recipient of fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities: at Brown University (Semiotics) and New York University (Business). 


After leaving academia, he held a variety of executive positions in marketing, communication, and strategic planning at the Time Magazine Group, HBO, Columbia House, and Showtime Networks. A resident of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where he lives with his husband, he is also a pianist, photographer, urban gardener, meditator, and the proud father of two daughters. 




All in the Faculty 

Semi-Finalist, Playwrights First Award, the National Arts Club, NYC (2015) 

Monologue published in Best Women’s Stage Monologues & Scenes 2011, Smith &

   Kraus Inc, (2012)

Published & licensed by Dramatists Play Service Inc. (2010)

Reading at Turtle Shell Theater, NYC (2009)

7 short monologues licensed by Performer Stuff (2018)


The Best Place We’ve Ever Lived 

Finalist, Cimientos, IATI Theater’s play development program, NYC (2014) 

Staged reading at Love Creek Productions, The Producers’ Club, New York (2013)

Reading of excerpt at Milk Can Theatre’s COW Reading Series, NYC (2012)

Reading at Penobscot Theatre Company’s New Play Festival, Bangor, ME (2009)


Couple of the Century 

Published & licensed by Yes Plays (2014-2016) 

Produced at Downtown Urban Theater Festival, Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC (2008)

Semi-Finalist, Open Book's National Readers Theatre Playwriting Competition (2006)


The Fidelity Clause  

Published by The Eddy, an online repository of plays (2017) 


The German Lesson 

Reading at Great Plains Theatre Conference Playlabs, Omaha, NE (2010)

Runner-up, Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence, Clearwater, MI (2008)

Reading at Friday Night Footlights, The Dramatists Guild, NYC (2008)


The Hudson Guide to Table Manners 

Semi-Finalist (as A Field Guide to Table Manners), New American Voices Reading

   Series, The Landing Theatre Company, Houston, TX (2015)

Reading at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset,

  NY (2015) 

Finalist (as A Field Guide to Table Manners), Reva Shiner Comedy Award, 

  Bloomington Playwrights Project (2013)

Finalist (as A Field Guide to Table Manners), W. Keith Hedrick Playwriting Contest, 

   HRC Showcase Theatre, Hudson, NY (2012) 

Runner-up (as Table Manners), New Works Project, T. Schreiber Studio (2011)


Licensed by Playscripts Online (formerly Comedy Plays, UK) (May 2016)

Reading at Autumn Reading Series, Sundog Theatre, Staten Island, NY (2015) 

Finalist, Mountain Playhouse Playwriting Contest, Jennerstown, PA, 2017. 


Museum Lovers 

Produced by Harlequin Productions, Cayuga Community College, Auburn, NY (2017)

Selected by The Theater Association of New York State (TANYS) for presentation at 

   their Annual Festival, Auburn, NY (2017)

Excerpt produced at Dionysia New Play Competition, Khaos Company Theatre, 

   Indianapolis, IN (May 2017)


Private Property

Reading at The Players Ring, Portsmouth, NH (July 2017)

To be produced at The Players Ring, Late Night Summer Series, Portsmouth, NH (2018)

Reading at Pulse Ensemble Theatre, New York City (2015)

Reading at Penobscot Theatre Company’s 6thAnnual New Works Festival: Northern

   Writes, Bangor, ME (2012)

2 short monologues licensed by Performer Stuff (2018)


The Seeker 

Semi-Finalist, Promising Playwright Award, Colonial Players, MD (2015) 

Semi-Finalist, Princess Grace Playwriting Award (2015)


Sunshine Quest 

Licensed (non-exclusively) by Infinity Stage, Sound & Film Publishing (July 2016)

Produced at the Fresh Fruit Festival, The Wild Project, New York City (2014)

Fruitie Award - Best Performance by a Supporting Actress, Fresh Fruit Festival (2014)

Excerpts produced at Pulse Ensemble Theatre Company Playwrights' Lab's Festival,

   From the Stage to the Stage III, The Playroom, New York City (2013) 

2 short monologues licensed by Performer Stuff (2017)





An Accident in the Park 

Produced at Black Box New Play Festival, Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY (June 2016)

Honorable Mention, 16thAnnual New Voice Play Festival, The Old Opera House

   Theatre Company, Charles Town, WV (May 2016)  

Reading at Original Play Readings, Pittsburgh New Works Festival, Carnegie, PA (2017)

Reading at New Play Lab, 36thAnnual William Inge Theater Festival, Independence, KS 



The Dakota 

Produced at Octoberfest, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC (2005)

Produced at Downtown Urban Theater Festival, Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC (2005)

Best Short Play Award, Downtown Urban Theater Festival, NYC (2005)


Miss Peddy & Grace 

Produced at Black Box New Play Festival, Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY (2015)

Produced at One Act Festival. Pend Oreille Players, Newport, WA (2015)

Semifinalist,Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition (2015)  


Museum Piece

Produced at New Works Festival, North Canton Playhouse, North Canton, OH (2011)

Produced at Downtown Urban Theater Festival, Theatre for a New City, NYC (2010) 


The Next Move 

Produced at 20thAnnual Festival of Originals, Theatre Southwest, Houston, TX (2017)

Recording & Broadcast, Radio Theatre Project, St. Petersburg, FL (2017)

Recording by Petaluma Radio Players, Petaluma, CA (2016)

Produced at One Act Play Festival, Silver Spring Stage, Silver Spring, MD (2015)

Produced at the Warner International Playwrights Festival, Torrington, CT (2013)

Produced at One-Act Play Festival, Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD (2012)

Third Prize, One-Act Playwriting Competition, Frostburg State University Center for

   Creative Writing, Frostburg, MD (2012)

Honorable Mention, 12thAnnual New Voice Play Festival, The Old Opera House

   Theatre Company, Charles Town, WV (2012)  

Winner, One-Act Play Competition, Brevard Little Theatre, Brevard, NC (2010)  

Staged Reading at Octoberfest, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC (2006)  


Not Here Yet 

Presented by the Radio Theatre Project, St. Petersburg, FL, at the Atlanta Audio Fringe

  Festival (2018)

Recorded + radio broadcast, Petaluma Radio Players, Petaluma, CA (date TBA – 2018)

Recorded and broadcast (podcast), Radio Theatre Project, St. Petersburg, FL (2017)

Honorable Mention, 13thAnnual New Voice Play Festival, The Old Opera House 

  Theatre Company, Charles Town, WV (2013)

Produced by Brief Acts Company & Love Creek Productions, New York, NY (2012) 


A Remarkable Man

      Produced at Black Box One-Act Festival, Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY (2017)


The Session

Nominated for the Pushcart Prize (2008)

Published in The Distillery (2007)

Produced at the Strawberry One-Act Festival, Bernie West Theatre, NYC (2005)

Finalist, the Strawberry One-Act Festival, Bernie West Theatre, NYC (2005)

Honorable Mention, 18thAnnual New Voice Play Festival, The Old Opera House Theatre 

  Company, Charles Town, WV (2018).  


Table Manners in Chicagoland 

Winner + Staged Reading, Nor’Eastern Play Writing Contest, Vermont Actors’ Repertory

   Theatre, Rutland, VT (2017)

Produced at Catch a Star Theatrical (CAST) Players, Beaumont, CA (2012)

Audience Favorite Award + Third Prize, National One Act Playwriting Competition, 

   Catch a Star Theatrical (CAST) Players, Beaumont, CA (2012) 


Table Manners in Mexico City 

Broadcast on Spokane Radio Theatre, Spokane Public Radio, KPBX-FM (2014)

Produced at 15-Minute Play Festival, American Globe Theatre, New York City (2012)


Tennessee Williams Wins a Prize

Published in The Paragon Journal, an online journal (2017).






The Brazilian Dilemma (10-minute play)

Filmed by Collective NY Films, New York City (2016)

Produced at C:10 Comedy Tonight, The Collective NY (2015)

Published in The Collective: 10 Anthology (2013)

Produced at the Collective 10-Minute Play Festival, the Collective NY (2013) 

Staged reading at McLean Drama Company, Washington, DC (2013) 

First Prize, McLean Drama Company’s 10-Minute Play Contest (2013)


Coffee Break (10-minute play)

       Podcast released by Panglossian Productions, Williamsburg, VA (2018)

       Reading at Take Ten, The Dramatists Guild Playwrights’ Group, The Players Club, New

         York (2018)


Harassment (10-minute play)

Produced at Comic Shorts, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ (2016)

Produced at Whistling With Slush in My Shoes Spring One-Act Play Festival, Thespian

  Production, New York City (2015)

Colonial Quickies, Colonial Playhouse, Aldan, PA (2013).

Staged reading, Moral Dilemma Comedies Challenge, Abingdon Theatre, NYC (2011)

Semi-finalist, Edge Fest, Birdhouse Theatre, Milledgeville, GA (2018)


Museum Piece #2 (10-minute play)

Published by Brooklyn Publishers, Cedar Rapids, IA (upcoming)

Published in The Best 10-Minute Plays 2013, Smith & Kraus Inc. (2014) 

Produced at Pend Oreille Players’ One Act Play Festival, Newport, WA (2017)

Staged Reading at National 10-Minute Play Contest, Theatre Oxford, Oxford, MS 



Stage Directions (7-minute play)

      Reading at DrekFest, Stage Left Theatre, Chicago (2018)


Table Manners in Buenos Aires (10-minute play)

Produced at New Play Festival, Salve Regina Theatre Arts Program, Newport, RI (2012)  

Produced at Blue Slipper 10-Minute Play Festival, Livingston, MT (2012) 


Table Manners in Gramercy Park (five-minute play)

Published in105 Five-Minute Plays for Study & Performance, Smith & Kraus (2017)


Table Manners in Hell’s Kitchen (10-minute play)

Produced by The Wilmington Film Mob, Wilmington, DE (2018)  


Table Manners in Lake Forest (10-minute play)

       Reading at Pizza & Plays, Lucky Jack’s, New York City (2018)


Table Manners in Santa Monica (10-minute play)

Produced at 4thAnnual Ten-Minute Play Festival, 4thStreet Theater, Chesterton, IN 

   (Aug-Sep 2017)

Broadcast on Shoestring Radio Theatre, San Francisco Community Radio (KUSF in 

   Exile) and the Public Radio Satellite System (March 2016)

Published in Clockhouse Review, Goddard College (2013)

Produced at Artistic New Directions’ Eclectic Evening of Shorts, NYC (2011) 

Produced as Table Manners in NoHo, Summer Shorties 2010 Festival, TurtleShell 

  Theater, NYC (2010)


Table Manners in Tribeca (10-minute play) 

Produced at Five Minute Mile Play Festival, Cone Man Running Productions, Obsidian

  Theatre, Houston, TX (2016)

Produced at 8-Minute Madness Festival, Turtle Shell Theater, NYC (2010).




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Sunshine Quest (full-length)

Fresh Fruit Festival, The Wild Project, New York City, July 2014.

Table Manners in Mexico City

15-Minute Play Festival, American Globe Theatre, NYC, April 2012.

All in the Faculty (Reading) 

Turtle Shell Theater, New York City. May 2009.



Yale University

BA (magna cum laude)

Northwestern University

M.A., Ph.D. (philosophy and aesthetics)



Dramatists Guild of America, Inc (since 2005)

Turtle Shell Productions Playwrights Platform (2009-10)

Pulse Ensemble Theatre Playwriting Group (2012-17)

The Collective NY (since 2013)

Stillwater Writers (since 2015)

The DGPG (Dramatists Guild Playwrights’ Group) Writers (since 2017)






VP of Trade Marketing (and other    positions)

Showtime Networks, Inc.

Various marketing & planning positions

CBS Inc., HBO Inc., Time Magazine

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Hobart & William Smith Colleges


Northwestern University