Full-length play


A Play by William Ivor Fowkes


When no option seems to make sense.


On the verge of committing suicide, a college student who fears he might be gay decides to marry his girlfriend instead. Eight years later, Chip and Sally Miller seem to lead a perfect life in Manhattan, but a secretly tormented Chip considers walking out on their marriage until Sally announces that she's pregnant and convinces him to move out to Bronxville, far away from the city's temptations. As the Miller clan grows over the years, so do Chip's despair and desperation as he secretly acts out in increasingly dangerous ways. MARRIAGE is told through excerpts from the therapy sessions they attend when the marriage starts to fall apart.


LENGTH: 90 minutes

CAST: 3M, 1F 

SETTING: Cornell University; Manhattan; and Bronxville, NY

TIME: 1977 to 1997


PRODUCTION NOTE: MARRIAGE is a "standalone" full-length play that may be performed on its own or together with the other 2 plays (ROOMMATES and AFTERMATH) that make up THE BRONXVILLE TRILOGY, or Marriages of Inconvenience. (MARRIAGE is the second play in the trilogy and includes a PROLOGUE when performed with the other 2 plays.)






FINALIST, Sparkfest 2023, Amphibian Stage, Fort Worth, TX, 2023.


SEMI-FINALIST (Top 6 plays), Southeast Texas Festival of New Plays, Beaumont, TX, 2022.