Full-length play


 A Play by William Ivor Fowkes


Hiding the truth in plain sight. 


Graham Walker and Dan Carlsen, two best friends and lovers since college, struggle with their desire to be together in a world where marriage to women is the unquestioned norm, and the AIDS epidemic makes living out of the closet a frightening option. Their solution is to marry women, start families, and live as next-door neighbors while continuing their relationship in private. This strategy works surprisingly well--until it doesn't.



LENGTH: 95 minutes

CAST: 4M, 2F 

SETTING: New Haven, CT; Manhattan; Bronxville, NY

TIME: 1971 to 1997


PRODUCTION NOTE: ROOMMATES is a "standalone" full-length play that may be performed on its own or together with the other 2 plays (MARRIAGE and AFTERMATH) that make up THE BRONXVILLE TRILOGY, or Marriages of Inconvenience. (ROOMMATES is the first play in the trilogy and includes a PROLOGUE when performed with the other 2 plays.)