A Full-Length Play in One Act

Museum Lovers

A Gallery of Portraits

by William Ivor Fowkes

Sometimes the visitors are more intriguing than the works on display.


LENGTH: 95 minutes

CAST: 4 (2m, 2f) (28 roles and voices)


SYNOPSIS: In this comic celebration of the joys and pitfalls of visiting art museums, two art lovers, Max and Chloe, meet, fall in love, get married, honeymoon, break up, and ultimately find a different kind of happiness--all at the museum. Weaving through the story are sketches of museumgoers reacting to a variety of works of art, ranging from conceptual art to oversized outdoor sculpture, paintings by Monet, Velazquez, Raphael, Goya, and others--and a controversial work called, "Door with Purple Line." 



Semifinalist, Inkslingers, Southeastern Louisiana University, May 2016.