Full-Length Play

At the Dakota

A Play in Two Acts by William Ivor Fowkes

A search for the truth at New York’s fabled apartment building.


A closeted married man from Stamford, Connecticut thinks he’s hit the jackpot online when a man who calls himself “BuffMan” invites him over to his apartment in the city for an afternoon rendezvous. When he finds that his potential sex partner is a 71-year-old recluse, the meeting turns ugly. The Dakota, Manhattan’s fabled apartment building, provides the setting for a fantasy play that considers what life might have been like for these men if events had unfolded differently, discovering in the process the price men pay for living lives in denial and exploring possibilities for inter-generational relationships. 


LENGTH: 1 hour 40 minutes (plus intermission)

CAST: 3M, 2F (6 characters)


At the Dakota is an expanded, full-length version of my one-act play, The Dakota, Best Short Play Award winner at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival 2005 at the Cherry Lane Theatre, New York.



Various locations in and around The Dakota, the fabled apartment building on Central Park West in Manhattan



Summer 1999 and Summer 2000



Earl Mumford. A retired architect. Distinguished and charming. Early 70s.

Mark Mayfield. An accountant. Cocky and suspicious. Early 40s.

Marjorie. Gracious, but cold and controlling. 60s.

Elizabeth Mumford Allen. Smart and accomplished, but insecure and defensive. 30s.

Gary. Sexy, romantic, and a bit naive. Mid 20s.