December 2013


THE BRAZILIAN DILEMMA, a 10-minute play by William Fowkes, was published in THE COLLECTIVE: 10 ANTHOLOGY, a collection of 12 plays presented in the Collective 10-Minute Play Festival in New York City, October 2013. The volume also features interviews with the playwrights.


THE NEXT MOVE Presented at International Play Festival

October 2013


THE NEXT MOVE, a One-Act Play by William Fowkes, was produced and presented in Torrington, CT at the Warner International Playwrights Festival, October 18, 2013. 


Previously, THE NEXT MOVE was the WINNER in the Brevard Little Theatre's 2010 One-Act Play Competition (Brevard, NC). It also won THIRD PRIZE in the Frostburg State University Center for Creative Writing's One-Act Playwriting Competition (Frostburg, MD, June 2012) and was given HONORABLE MENTION by the 12th Annual New Voice Play Festival at the Old Opera House (Charles Town, WV, May 2012). 


SYNOPSIS: An elderly couple bicker their way through a Sunday afternoon while preparing for company to arrive. In the process, they uncover some disturbing things.



October 2013


CLOCKHOUSE REVIEW, the literary journal of Goddard College, published TABLE MANNERS IN SANTA MONICA, a short play, in their summer 2013 issue (released October 2013).


SYNOPSIS: A man and a woman who meet through a dating website struggle through their first date.



THE BRAZILIAN DILEMMA Produced in New York City

October 2013


THE BRAZILIAN DILEMMA, a 10-Minute Play, was produced by The Collective in the Collective Ten Minute Play Fest at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre in Manhattan, October 9-13, 2013. It was directed by Nina Mehta and starred Robert Z Grant and Karen Chamberlain. There was a talkback with all the playwrights after one of the performances. 

SYNOPSISTwo lovers finally say the “L word” in bed one night only to discover that they’ve been harboring conflicting notions about their relationship.




September 2013


THE BRAZILIAN DILEMMA, a 10-minute play, won first prize in the McLean Drama Company's 10-Minute Play Contest, 2013. A staged reading was performed at the Woolly Mammoth Rehearsal Hall in Washington, DC September 21 and September 22, 2013.


SYNOPSIS: Two lovers finally say the “L word” in bed one night only to discover that they’ve been harboring conflicting notions about their relationship. 



Colonial Playhouse HARASSED

July 2013


HARASSMENT, a 10-Minute Play, was produced and presented at the Colonial Playhouse's Colonial Quickies Festival in Aldan, PA in July. (This play was first presented in October 2011 in a staged reading at the Abingdon Playhouse in New York.) 


SYNOPSIS: Sexual harassment is no laughing matter for corporations who are charged with training their employees on the perils of this sensitive issue. Or is it?


June 2013


TABLE MANNERS IN BUENOS AIRES, a 10-Minute Play, was named SEMI-FINALIST for the 12th Annual 10 By 10 in the Triangle Play Festival at The Arts Center in Carrboro, NC. This play was previously presented at the Blue Slipper 10-Minute Play Festival in Livingston, MT (May 2012) and at Salve Regina Theatre Arts Program's New Play Festival in Newport, RI (June 2012).


SYNOPSIS: A woman and her daughter sit out a rainstorm in a restaurant, making awkward conversation while awaiting a call from the hospital about the fate of the man in their lives.   


May 2013


NOT HERE YET, a play in one act by William Fowkes, earned an HONORABLE MENTION from the judges of the 13th Annual New Voice Play Festival, The Old Opera House, Charles Town, WV.


SYNOPSIS: A woman trying to find her place in the world stations herself outside the entrance to a subway station in midtown Manhattan and tries to reach out and help other people from all walks of life. When another woman shows up and threatens her position, they make a surprising connection.

Excerpts from SUNSHINE QUEST Presented

March 2013


Excerpts from SUNSHINE QUEST (titled The Last Nights of Sunshine QUEST) were presented March 27-31 at the Pulse Ensemble Theatre Company Playwrights' Lab Festival: Change! at The Playroom in New York City. 

The production was directed by Alexander Harrington and featured (left to right in photo) Matthew Bretschneider*, Marty McDonough*, Joel Haberli, Camille Mazurek*, and Mitch Tebo*.


* Actors appearing by special permission of Actors Equity Association


Set at a social club for retired gay men in Fort Lauderdale, FL, SUNSHINE QUEST is a full-length comedy that examines the difficulty of establishing meaningful relationships, whatever your age or sexual orientation. 


An excerpt.


Information about Pulse Ensemble Theatre Company.



February 2013


A FIELD GUIDE TO TABLE MANNERS, a Play in Two Acts by William Fowkes, was named FINALIST for the Bloomington Playwrights Project's 2013 Reva Shiner Comedy Award.

What's happening at the next table.


SYNOPSIS: In restaurants, it’s human nature to stare at strangers at other tables and wonder who they are and what they’re up to. In A Field Guide to Table Manners, the audience eavesdrops on conversations and encounters all around the country and the world (from Chicago to London, Tribeca to Buenos Aires) and gradually comes to see that people want the same things—love and sex, respect and understanding—regardless of what’s on the menu. The play presents eight stories, three of which comprise a continuing saga.



February 2013

MISS PEDDY & GRACE Named Semi-Finalist


MISS PEDDY & GRACE, a Play in One Act by William Fowkes, was named SEMI-FINALIST in the Drury University One-Act Playwriting Competition.

SYNOPSIS: Caroline Peddy—an experienced and dedicated caretaker of elderly loved ones—may soon be available for hire. Then again, her current charge, octogenarian Grace Butler, sees her in a different light and has a different scenario in mind.


January 2013

THE BEST PLACE WE'VE EVER LIVED Workshop Production Presented Off-Off-Broadway


Developing Acts and Love Creek Productions presented a workshop production of THE BEST PLACE WE'VE EVER LIVED, A Fantasy Play in Two Acts and Four Realms by William Fowkes. The workshop was directed by Bradley LeBoeuf, with Sondra Hunt, Isaac Scranton, James Meneses, and Karen Sepulveda,and was presented January 18-20, 2013 at The Producers’ Club, New York City.


SYNOPSIS: In a violent world, it takes special skills to survive—and thrive. In this fantasy play, the world of fifties TV sitcoms meets Disney’s Carousel of Progress when one family and their clan evolve through the centuries, negotiating their way through changing family and marital relationships. From ancient Mexico and eighteenth century Paris to present-day Scarsdale, NY and an unnamed future time and place, they learn that there has to be more to family life than conquests and migrations. But can this more enlightened future last? 

January 2013

MUSEUM PIECE #2 Publication Announced


The publication of MUSEUM PIECE #2 in Smith & Kraus's THE BEST TEN-MINUTE PLAYS 2013 has just been announced. Publication is scheduled for December 2013.

SYNOPSIS: Four tourists visiting the Prado Museum in Madrid confront Velazquez’s masterpiece, Las Meninas. The four friends bicker about their conflicting reactions to the painting until a supernatural event derails their visit.