Full-length play

The Bronxville Trilogy,

or Marriages of Inconvenience

 A Series of 3 Full-Length Plays by

William Ivor Fowkes

  • Part One: Roommates
  • Part Two: Marriage
  • Part Three: Aftermath 

Three married men pay the price for leading double lives in a time of social change.


THE BRONXVILLE TRILOGY presents stories of three married couples whose husbands are closeted gay men. The setting is Bronxville, an affluent suburb in New York's Westchester County. The time is primarily 1971 to 2000, a time of sweeping changes for gay people.


    In Part One (ROOMMATES), Graham

    Walker  and Dan Carlsen--two best

    friends and lovers since college--struggle

    with their desire to be together in a world

    where marriage to women is the 

    unquestioned norm, and the AIDS 

    epidemic makes living out of the closet

    a frightening option.


                                        In Part Two (MARRIAGE), Chip

                                        Miller--a college student on the verge

                                        of committing suicide because he

                                        fears he might be gay--decides to 

                                        marry his girlfriend instead.


    In Part Three (AFTERMATH),

    newly-out Graham and Chip Miller

    embark on a challenging relationship

    after their marriages fall apart.

LENGTH: 4 hours 30 minutes (Each part is approximately 90 minutes long.) 

CAST: 4M, 3F 

SETTING: Sissinghurst Castle, England; New Haven, CT; Manhattan; Bronxville, NY; The White House; Cornell University; Boothbay Harbor, ME; Montclair, NJ; Provincetown, MA.

TIME: 1862-2066