NEWS 2019


Posted December 2019


STUCK IN PLACE, a 10-minute play by William Ivor Fowkes, was LONG-LISTED (i.e., top 50 out of hundreds) for Cast Iron Theatre's & New Venture Theatre's Short Play Night in the U.K. This play was written for Tina Howe's Master Class at the Dramatists Guild Institute.

SYNOPSIS: A playwright refuses to focus on his imminent move as he works away on a play whose ending he can't figure out.



Posted November 2019


MARRIAGES OF INCONVENIENCE, a full-length play by William Ivor Fowkes, was named FINALIST (one of 20 out of over 360 submissions) in Normal Avenue's Playwriting Series (NAP) in New York. This play is based on his unpublished novel of the same name, two excerpts from which were published in literary journals. The play was developed in part at the Turtle Shell Productions Playwrights' Platform and at the Pulse Ensemble Theatre Playwrights' Lab, both in New York City.


SYNOPSIS: Graham Walker and Dan Carlsen, two best friends and lovers since college, struggle with their desire to be together in a world where marriage to women is the unquestioned norm, and the AIDS epidemic makes living out of the closet a frightening option. Their solution is to marry women, start families, and live as next-door neighbors while continuing their relationship in private. This strategy works surprisingly well--until it doesn't. MARRIAGES OF INCONVENIENCE is set against the backdrop of 30 years of sweeping social change. 


A Staged Reading of INCIDENT IN CONFERENCE ROOM B Announced 

Posted November 2019


Incident in Conference Room B, a full-length play by William Ivor Fowkes, will be presented by IATI Theater in a staged reading in New York City in April 2020. Incident in Conference Room B is one of 10 plays that have been accepted into IATI Theater's Cimientos Play Development Program. 

SYNOPSIS: Trapped in a conference room, three potential congressional candidates compete to prove their suitability for the Party's nomination as they argue about the existence, nature, and relevance of God in a debate inspired by David Hume's classic philosophical text, Dialogues Concerning Natural religion. As their claustrophobia and discomfort intensify, tempers flare, and the attacks become more personal until only one resolution is possible. 


to be Presented in a Reading

Posted May 2019

DO NOT GO GENTLE, ANGELA,  a 10-minute play by William Ivor Fowkes, based loosely on his mother, with appearances by Tennessee Williams, Woody Allen, and others, will be presented in a cold reading on September 16 at PIZZA & PLAYS, a monthly evening of 10-minute plays--and pizza--at Lucky Jack's Bar & Lounge, 129 Orchard Street, on Manhattan's Lower East Side. 

SYNOPSIS: Angela suffers from dementia. Her nurse assumes nothing is going on behind that silent face. Angela knows better.  


to be Produced in August

Posted April 2019



MISS PEDDY & GRACE, a one-act play by William Ivor Fowkes, is being produced at the annual One-Act Festival at  SILVER SPRING STAGE in Silver Spring, MD in August. More details to follow. This play was first produced  in June 2015 at Gallery Players in Brooklyn, NY and then in July 2015 at Pend Oreille Players in Newport, WA.

SYNOPSIS: Caroline Peddy--an experienced and dedicated caretaker of elderly loved ones--may soon be available for hire. Then again, her current charge, octogenarian Grace Butler, sees her in a different light and has a different scenario in mind.


to be Published

Posted April 2019


THE WARD, a 10-minute play by William Ivor Fowkes, will be published in the 2019 issue of Statement Magazine, the literary journal of California State University, Los Angeles. The launch reception will take place on April 29 in the Golden Eagle Ballroom.

SYNOPSIS: Shortly before the presidential election of 2016, two stroke victims wake up and learn the latest news about the campaigns. 


New Podcast Recording of 


Posted March 2019


Petaluma Radio Players of Petaluma, CA has just released a new podcast recording of NOT HERE YET, a One-Act Play by William Ivor Fowkes. (This is different from the recording done by the Radio Theatre Project of St. Petersburg, FL in 2017 and presented at the Atlanta Audio Fringe Festival, 2018.) 

SYNOPSIS: Two women fight for survival on the streets of midtown Manhattan.



Now Available on

Amazon Prime Video:


A Short Movie - Screenplay by William Ivor Fowkes.


Posted February 2019.


THE BRAZILIAN DILEMMA started as a 10-minute play by William Ivor Fowkes. It is now a movie--directed by TS Naylor; screenplay by William Ivor Fowkes; produced by Pulkit Datta; starring Robert Z. Grant and Karen Chamberlain. It was an Official Selection at the Adirondack Film Festival in Glens Falls, NY, October 2018.

SYNOPSIS: Peter and Janine have finally said the "L Word" to each other. But what about the third person in their bed?



NEWS 2018

MISS PEDDY & GRACE Named Semi-Finalist 

Posted December 2018


MISS PEDDY & GRACE, a play in one act by William Ivor Fowkes, is a SEMI-FINALIST for Stray Kats Theatre Company's 3rd Annual Still Crazy After All These Years festival of short plays pertaining to the lives of today's Senior Citizens. MISS PEDDY & GRACE was first produced at Gallery Players in Brooklyn in 2015 and subsequently produced at Pend Oreille Players, Newport, WA.


SYNOPSIS: Caroline Peddy--an experienced and dedicated caretaker of elderly loved ones--may soon be available for hire, but her current charge, octogenarian Grace Butler, sees her in a different light and has a different scenario in mind.


A Staged Reading of MONET 

Posted November 2018


Turn to Flesh Productions is presenting a staged reading of MONET, a 10-minute play by William Ivor Fowkes, at its Cocktails & Classics event at 8PM, Saturday, November 10, 2018 at El Barrio Art Space, 215 East 99th Street, New York City.


SYNOPSIS: Visitors to the Musee Marmottan Monet in Paris get lost in their thoughts while contemplating a painting. Is this the end of art?




Posted October 2018


THE BRAZILIAN DILEMMA, a short film written by William Ivor Fowkes and based on his 10-minute play of the same name, is an Official Selection of the 2018 Adirondack Film Festival and will screen at 5:15PM, Friday, October 19, 2018 and 5:45 PM, Saturday, October 20, 2018 in Glens Falls, NY. THE BRAZILIAN DILEMMA stars Robert Z. Grant and Karen Chamberlain. Directed by TS Naylor. Produced by Pulkit Datta.


Just Licensed: MUSEUM PIECE #2 

Posted August 2018


BROOKLYN PUBLISHERS of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has licensed MUSEUM PIECE #2, a short play by William Ivor Fowkes. This play was first presented as a staged reading at Theatre Oxford, Oxford, MS, 2012. It was then published in Smith & Kraus Inc.'s volume, The Best 10-Minute Plays of 2013. It was produced by Pend Oreille Players, Newport, WA, in 2017.


This short play was ultimately expanded and incorporated as one of the sub-plots in MUSEUM LOVERS, a full-length play by William Ivor Fowkes, produced last fall by Harlequin Productions in Auburn, NY.


SYNOPSIS: Four American tourists at the Prado Museum in Madrid bicker about Velazquez's masterpiece, Las Meninas, until the figures in the painting have had enough and trade places with them. 



Just Published: PRIVATE PROPERTY  

Posted August 2018


Timed to coincide with its first production--at The Players' Ring in Portsmouth, NH--PRIVATE PROPERTY, a dark comedy by William Ivor Fowkes, has been published and is available at Amazon and Barnes and


SYNOPSIS: How far would you go to hold onto the ones you love? Retired banker Samuel Becker has been living in the woods for 30 years with Gregory South, a retired interior decorator with a big libido and the temperament of a child. Gregory misses their life in the city, but Samuel has found ways to keep him happy. His strategy starts to unravel when a reporter comes snooping around in this darkly funny mystery play.


Barnes & Noble



Produced in New Hampshire 

Posted August 2018


The Players' Ring in Portsmouth, NH is resenting the first production of PRIVATE PROPERTY, a full-length play by William Ivor Fowkes, in their Late Night Summer Series, August 17-26, 2018. This production is directed by Marina Altschiller. The cast includes Rick Watts - Gregory;  Jay MacDougall - Samuel;  Aimee Gigandet - Birdy;  

Joshua Bernard-Kriegl - Young Gregory;  
Chris Ferrill - Young Samuel;  
Joshua Moore - Patrick/Joe; and
Gwen Higgins - Brittany.

Altschuler. The cast includes 


For more information:…/late-night-series-private-property/ 

Or call 603-436-8123 



GODIVA CHOCOLATE & A DIET COKE Presented at Gay Pride Plays

Posted June 2018


WHAT: GAY PRIDE PLAYS 2018, Village Playwrights--an evening of seven 10-minute play readings, including GODIVA CHOCOLATE & A DIET COKE written and directed by William Ivor Fowkes. 

WHERE & WHEN: The LGBT Community Center, 208 West 13th Street, New York City--Room 310. Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

CAST: Carol Mennie, Jesse N. Holmes & Ryan Bess Winnick.

SYNOPSIS: Truth and fear collide in a hospital waiting room.


HARASSMENT Named Semifinalist by Edge Fest  

Posted May 2018


HARASSMENT, a 10-minute play by William Ivor Fowkes, was a semifinalist for Edge Fest 2018 at Birdhouse Theatre in Milledgeville, GA. This play was first written for and performed as a staged reading at Abingdon Theatre's Moral Dilemma Comedies Benefit Challenge in 2011. Since then it has gone on to full productions at Colonial Playhouse in Alden, PA (2013), Thespian Production in New York (2015), and Ocean County College's Comic Shorts in Toms River, NJ (2017). With the welcome emergence of the MeToo movement, this play will probably now fade into irrelevance, if not impertinence, since it is a comic look at employee sexual harassment training courses.


THE SESSION Given Honorable Mention  

Posted May 2018


THE SESSION, a one-act play by William Ivor Fowkes, was given HONORABLE MENTION by the Old Opera House Theatre Company's New Voices Play Festival (Charles Town, WV). This was the first play by Fowkes ever produced--back in February 2005 at the Strawberry One-Act Play Festival in NYC. (Photo shows Maria Volker and Jerry Ferris from the 2005 production.) THE SESSION was expanded into a full-length play, COUPLE OF THE CENTURY, which was produced at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival at the Cherry Lane Theatre, June 2008, with Jerry Ferris reprising his role. 

SYNOPSIS: A man finally tells his therapist what's really on his mind. 


NOT HERE YET Presented at Atlanta Audio Fringe Festival  

Updated September 2018


WHAT: The Radio Theatre Project of St. Petersburg, FL, which recorded and broadcast a radio version of NOT HERE YET, a one-act play by William Ivor Fowkes, presented their recording at the Atlanta Audio Fringe Festival, May 28-June 17, 2018.

SYNOPSIS: Two women fight for survival on the streets of midtown Manhattan.


A Reading of COFFEE BREAK at the Players Club 

Posted April 2018


WHAT: TAKE TEN: AN EVENING OF 10-MINUTE PLAY READINGS BY THE DGPG WRITERS (Dramatists Guild Playwrights Group). Including work by Carol W. Berman, Beth Blatt, Sherry Bokser, Denise Chiarella, Sheila Felberbaum, Jane Flanagan, William Ivor Fowkes, Kate Gill, Susan Laubach, Tajlei Levis, Donald Loftus, & Roberta Pyzel. The evening's director is GRETCHEN CRYER.

WHERE: The Players Club, 16 Gramercy Park South (E. 20th St.), New York.

WHEN: 7:00PM, Wednesday May 23, 2018. (Doors open 6:30PM)

SYNOPSIS OF COFFEE BREAK by William Ivor Fowkes: A woman doesn't take it very well when her lover tries to break up with her over coffee. 



DrekFest 2018 in Chicago

Posted March 2018


STAGE DIRECTIONS, a short play by William Ivor Fowkes, is one of four plays to be presented at DrekFest 2018, Stage Left's Annual National Contest for the WORST Ten-Minute Play (i.e., intentionally awful plays that make you laugh). 

WHERE: The CSz Theatre Chicago, 929 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

SYNOPSIS: An actor confronts a script consisting solely of stage directions.

A Reading of


Posted March 2018



TABLE MANNERS IN LAKE FOREST, a 10-minute play by William Ivor Fowkes, is going to be presented at PIZZA & PLAYS, an evening of cold readings of 10-minute plays at Lucky Jack's Bar & Lounge, 129 Orchard Street, on Manhattan's Lower East Side, 7:30PM, Monday April 16, 2018. Two other playwrights in my writers group at the Dramatists Guild--Beth Blatt and Donald Loftus--are also having plays read that evening.


SYNOPSIS: A woman can't decide whether to share her latest news with a gossipy country club friend.



Monologues Published 

Posted February 2018


Performer Stuff, a website for actors that publishes and sells audition materials, has made 11 monologues from 3 full-length plays by William Ivor Fowkes available. The plays include SUNSHINE QUEST (world premiere at the Fresh Fruit Festival 2014), PRIVATE PROPERTY (world premiere upcoming, August 2018, at The Players Ring, Portsmouth, NH, and ALL IN THE FACULTY (published by Dramatists Play Service).



A Podcast Production of COFFEE BREAK 

Posted February 2018


Panglossian Productions of Williamsburg, VA released a podcast on February 5, 2018 (episode 21) that includes a cold reading of COFFEE BREAK, a 10-munute play by William Ivor Fowkes. COFFEE BREAK is an excerpt from the full-length comedy, THE FIDELITY CLAUSE. 


SYNOPSIS: Linda doesn't take it very well when her lover tries to break up with her over coffee.




Posted February 2018


The Faculty Drama Club in Bloomington, IN presented a reading of THE HUDSON GUIDE TO TABLE MANNERS, a full-length play by William Ivor Fowkes, on January 28, 2018.


SYNOPSIS: From Chicago to London, Santa Monica, Buenos Aires, and beyond, the friends and family of Michael Hudson--the owner of the Hudson Certified Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Care Company--have a habit of misbehaving in public. Their bad behavior even continues at his funeral, where family secrets are exposed, and the heir to the company is revealed.