Full-Length Play

Couple of the Century

A Play in Two Acts by William Ivor Fowkes

Looking for love, marriage, and therapy on Central Park West.


Nick Turner and Diane London make an unlikely married couple. He's a college dropout from Flatbush, Brooklyn with a successful contracting business and an overactive libido. She's a Yale-educated psychotherapist with a keen sense of what's proper. After an opening scene in which we discover them at a point of crisis, the play moves backwards to explore the evolution of their fumbling relationship. Along the way we see what happens when people can’t even discuss what’s wrong, when old friends don’t help matters any, and when achieving sexual intimacy seems to require advanced acting skills. In the final scene, we’re back in the present, wondering if things can possibly work out.


LENGTH: 90 minutes (no intermission)

CAST: 2M, 2F

SETTING: a therapist’s office and other locations in and around The Century, an apartment building on Central Park West, Manhattan.

THE TIME: 1994-2005.   






Fowkes…is developing as a playwright, and this one contains at least 4 scenes that engage, inform, surprise - scenes that allow his actors to probe, seek and find subtleties in their characters. His dialogue is rich and stageworthy. … It’s always a joy to see talented writers stretch and grow.”

- Richard Seff’s NY Theatre Buzz on DCTheatreScene.com (7/14/08) 




2008: PRODUCTION, Downtown Urban Theater Festival, Cherry Lane Theatre, New York. Directed by Wendy Peace & Nic Tyler; starring Wendy Peace*, Jerry Ferris, Janice Mann*, John Blaylock* (*Member of Actors’ Equity Association)


2021: ZOOM PRODUCTION, Second Stage, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)


COUPLE OF THE CENTURY is an expanded, full-length version of my one-act play, THE SESSION, which was produced at the Strawberry One-Act Festival 2005 at the Bernie West Theatre, New York; published in The Distillery; and nominated for a Pushcart Prize.




FINALIST (by audience vote) - Strawberry One-Act Festival, Cherry Lane Theatre, New York City, 2008.





SEMI-FINALIST - Open Book’s 8th National Readers Playwriting Competition, New York City, 2006.