Full-Length Play

The Best Place We've Ever Lived

A Play in Two Acts and Four Realms by William Ivor Fowkes

How long can life keep getting better?



Life keeps getting better and better for one time-traveling family, but can it last? In 8th century Mexico, it's just another day in the life of Ivor the Warrior until he announces that his daughter's boyfriend is going to be sacrificed to the gods. In 18th century Paris, Ivor and wife Irene's relationship is strained when she confesses that she talked to a native and enjoyed his attention. In 21st century Scarsdale, NY, Ivor and Irene have mixed feelings about their newest community when daughter Iris becomes a superstar at school, son Ike appears to be stoned most of the time, and the parents engage in the local custom of extramarital affairs. In a future time and place, the family has finally found the best of all possible places. But what follows perfection?


LENGTH: 1 hour 40 minutes (plus intermission)


SETTING & TIME: homes in 8th century Mexico, 18th century Paris, 21st century Scarsdale, NY, and a future time and place.






2013: STAGED READING, presented by Love Creek Productions, the Producers' Club, New York City. With Sondra Hunt, Isaac Scranton, James Meneses, & Karen Sepulveda. Directed by Bradley LeBoeuf.


2012: READING (excerpt), Milk Can Theatre's COW Reading Series, New York City.


2009: READING, Northern Writes (3rd annual new play festival), Penobscot Theatre Company, Bangor, Maine, Scott RC Levy, Producing Artistic Director.





Finalist, Cimientos, IATI Theater's new play development program, New York City, 2014.