10-Minute Plays                  by William Ivor Fowkes



The Brazilian Dilemma


Synopsis: Two lovers finally say the “L word” in bed one night only to discover that they’ve been harboring conflicting notions about their relationship. 


Cast: 2 (1 man, 1 woman)


Production: October 2013. The Collective NY, McGinn Cazale Theatre, New York, NY.


Staged Reading: September 2013. McLean Drama Company, Woolly Mammoth Rehearsal Hall, Washington, DC. 


Award: First Prize, 10-Minute Play Contest, McLean Drama Company, Washington, DC, September 2013.


Honor: Semi-finalist, Pick of the Vine 2014, Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro, CA.


Publication: The Collective: 10 Anthology, December 2013.





Synopsis: Sexual harassment is no laughing matter for corporations who are charged with training their employees on the perils of this sensitive issue. Or is it?


Cast: 3 (2 men, 1 woman)




April 2016. Comic Shorts, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ.


April 2015. Whistling With Slush in My Shoes One-Act Play Festival, Thespian Production, New York City.


July 2013. Colonial Quickies Festival, Colonial Playhouse, Aldan, PA. 


Staged Reading: October 2011. Moral Dilemma Comedies Benefit Challenge, Abingdon Theatre, NYC.


Honor: Shortlisted for 2017 Writing Competition, Pint-Sized Players, Fishguard, UK. 



Museum Piece #2


Synopsis: Four tourists visiting the Prado Museum in Madrid confront Velazquez’s masterpiece, Las Meninas.  


Cast: 4 (2 men, 2 women). (These characters may be played by adults of any age, race, ethnicity or physical type.)


Publication: Included in THE BEST 10-MINUTE PLAYS 2013, Smith and Kraus Publishers, New York, published January 2014. 


Staged Reading: May 20122012 National 10 Minute Play Contest, Theatre Oxford, Oxford, MS. 


Award: 3rd Runner Up, 2012 National 10 Minute Play Contest, Theatre Oxford, Oxford, MS, May 2012.



Table Manners in Buenos Aires


Synopsis: A woman and her daughter sit out a rainstorm in a restaurant, making awkward conversation while awaiting a call from the hospital about the fate of the man in their lives. 


Cast: 2 women



May 2012Blue Slipper 10-Minute Play Festival, Livingston, MT.

June 2012New Play Festival, Salve Regina Theatre Arts Program, Newport, RI. 


Honor: Semi-Finalist, 12th Annual 10 By 10 in the Triangle, Arts Center, Carrboro, NC, 2013.




Table Manners in Santa Monica


Synopsis: A man and a woman who meet through a dating website struggle through their first date.


Cast: 2 (1 man, 1 woman)



March 2011Artistic New Directions’ Eclectic Evening of Shorts, NYC.

August 2010 (as Table Manners in NoHo). Summer Shorties

2010 Festival, Turtle Shell Theater, NYC.


Publication: CLOCKHOUSE REVIEW, the literary journal of Goddard College, October 2013.

Honor: Semi-finalist, Pick of the Vine 2015, Little Fish Theatre, San Pedro, CA.


Award: Honorable Mention, Magnolia Arts Center's Seventh Annual Ten Minute Play Competition, Greenville, SC, October 2012. 




Table Manners in Tribeca 


Synopsis: A woman awaiting the arrival of her date has her hands full when her ex-boyfriend shows up instead and forces his company on her.  


Cast: 2 (1 man, 1 woman)



April 2010. 8-Minute Madness Festival, Turtle Shell Theater, NYC.

November 2016. 2016 Five Minute Mile Festival, Cone Man Running Productions, Obsidian Theatre, Houston, TX.







THE LINCOLN BEDROOM - A presidential candidate is interrupted by his best college “buddy” while trying to deliver a speech at a primary rally. 


MUSEUM PIECE #3 - Visitors to a museum confront some most unusual works.


MUSEUM PIECE #4 Visitors to the Musee Marmottan in Paris get lost in their own thoughts while contemplating a Monet. 


NEXT DOOR TO THE DAKOTA - After two men meet at a bar and go back to one of their apartments for sex, they negotiate whether or not to repeat the encounter.


PLAY RIGHT - A playwright struggles with an unfinished script and an odd sexual encounter.  


TABLE MANNERS IN CHELSEA - At a restaurant in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, Estelle puts up with Larry’s bad behavior until she’s had enough.


TABLE MANNERS IN GRAMERCY PARK – A 5-minute play: A man tries to prevent a woman from leaving him.


TABLE MANNERS IN LONDON - Two men who share a past run into each other in the bar of a London hotel. 


TENNESSEE WILLIAMS WINS A PRIZE - When Tennessee Williams is awarded an important literary prize, he shows up at the reception late, inebriated, and accompanied by a male hooker.