A Dark Comedy by

William Ivor Fowkes

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How far would you go to hold onto the ones you love?


Retired banker Samuel Becker has been living in the woods of northeast Pennsylvania for 30 years with Gregory South, a retired interior decorator with a big libido and the temperament of a child. Gregory misses their life in the city, but Samuel has found ways to keep him happy. His strategy starts to unravel when a reporter comes snooping around in this darkly funny mystery play.


PRIVATE PROPERTY was first produced at The Players' Ring in Portsmouth, NH, August 2018.


SKYLINE: TALES OF MANHATTAN, award-winning playwright and author 



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A collection of short stories by

William Ivor Fowkes.


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In SKYLINE: TALES OF MANHATTAN, award-winning playwright and author William Ivor Fowkes presents stories of New Yorkers—gay, straight, and confused—making startling connections and discoveries. On the West Side, a man approaching his 60th birthday tries a new haircut, with disastrous consequences. On the East Side, a Park Avenue Republican gets a taste of life on the "down low" in Central Park. In the East Village, a struggling writer papers his kitchen wall with rejection letters. In SoHo, a graphic designer takes drastic steps to get the attention of her editor. At MOMA, a woman physically attacks a man examining a sculpture she doesn't like. Downtown, a transplanted New Orleans cabaret singer deals with life and love in the aftermath of 9/11. There are 19 stories in all—enough to demonstrate that Manhattan's residents are just as striking as the city's celebrated skyline.


This fine, often poignant collection about lonely people seeking to make the right connection in a city filled with options is really about lonely people stymied and confused by all the choices that surround them.  The stories successfully explore the internal fears and uncertainties of individuals struggling to discover a place (often it seems any place) where they belong . . .


“What is particularly original is the portrait of relationships, both straight and (mainly) gay, their complexity and how they evolve . . . How the characters evolve and come to terms with the circumstances of their lives is cleverly done. Most impressive is the one who reappears in several pieces who struggles with his latent feelings by denying them to himself until it becomes impossible . . . SCORE: 9 out of 10."


- BookLife Prize (from Publisher's Weekly)


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A Play in Two Acts by

William Ivor Fowkes

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Brilliant professors can be rank amateurs in the field of self-knowledge.


"Golden B0y" Ned Jenkins yearns for tenure at Humbert College in upstate New York, but his hopes are dashed when he refuses to get romantically involved with the wife of his department's chairman and the ensuing political battle divides the whole campus.


Published and licensed by Dramatists Play Service


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A Play in Two Acts by

William Ivor Fowkes

$6.99 paper


It’s the Year of our Lord 1999. Retired gay men flock to the Sunshine Quest Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for dancing, companionship, flirtation, and nonstop fun. But not everyone is waiting for them with open arms.


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Monologues Available at PERFORMER STUFF



Monologues from three full-length plays by William Ivor Fowkes (ALL IN THE FACULTY, PRIVATE PROPERTY, and SUNSHINE QUEST) may be purchased at PERFORMER STUFF, a website with audition materials for actors. 





Published by Smith & Kraus Inc., 2017. March 2017


Includes TABLE MANNERS IN GRAMERCY PARK, a short play by William Ivor Fowkes. SYNOPSIS: A romantic meal. A great NYC restaurant. Will that be enough to convince her not to drop him?  


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Published by UMI Research Press, 1980.


A Hegelian Account of Contemporary Art
by William I. Fowkes. Ann Arbor: UMI Research Press, 1980. Used copies frequently avilable for sale at and/or


Description: This book attempts a confrontation and reconciliation between two presumed adversaries, Hegel's Aesthetics (as presented in the mammoth Lectures on Fine Art by the 19th century German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, which many consider one of the greatest works in the history of aesthetics) and contemporary art. Hegel's account of art (first published in 1835) proves to be surprisingly useful in illuminating the arts of the 20th century, while the latter are seen to vindicate -- and sometimes challenge -- many of Hegel's notions.