Full-Length Play

The German Lesson

A Play by William Ivor Fowkes

In the beginning there was ... the spin. 



What. happens when those who spin the truth for a living find their lies backfiring in their own lives? Trevor Greystone is a prime specimen of the PR species, a professional paid to put the best possible face on everything. At the moment, all he wants from life is to be left in peace so he study his German lessons, but he keeps being interrupted by people who pour their heart out to him and become infuriated when he minimizes their problems. Despite his calm exterior, however, we soon discover that his life is spinning out of control and that his German lessons are part of a plan--if an odd one--to free himself from his past and make amends for some of the lies he has perpetuated. 


LENGTH: 1 hour 30 minutes (no intermission)

CAST: 3M, 2F (9 characters) 

SETTING: The Greystone living room in New Rochelle, New York.

TIME: 2003.






2010: READING, Great Plains Theatre Conference Playlabs, Omaha, NE.


2008: READING, Friday Night Footlights, Dramatists Guild, New York City.  




2017: SEMI-FINALIST, Cimientos, IATI Theater, New York City. 


2008: RUNNER-UP, the 2008 Robert J. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence, Coldwater, Michigan.


The cast of The German Lesson, 2010 Great Plains Theatre Conference Playlabs, Omaha, NE