Full-Length Play


A Comedy by William Ivor Fowkes


Four tales of ordinary New Yorkers making unexpected connections. 


LENGTH: 100 minutes 

CAST: 2M, 2F (10 characters)


MANHATTANIA is licensed by Comedy Plays UK. 




READING: a reading was presented by Sundog Theatre, Staten Island, NY, 8PM Thursday, October 15, 2015, at Gallerie St. George, 11 Phelps Place, Staten Island, NY.


HONOR: named a FINALIST in the Mountain Playhouse 2016 Playwriting Contest, Jennerstown, PA.




A man muddles through therapy in THE SESSION. Two women fight for survival on the street in NOT HERE YET. A recluse finally seeks company in THE DAKOTA. Three visitors spend an upsetting afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art in MUSEUM PIECE.




Time & Setting: An afternoon in a therapist’s office on Central Park West.


When a patient finally tells his Upper West Side therapist what’s really on his mind, she doesn’t take it very well.


THE SESSION was first performed at the Strawberry One-Act Festival, February 2005, at the Bernie West Theatre in New York City. It was published in the literary journal, The Distillery, January 2007, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize, 2008.




Time & Setting: A summer afternoon at the entrance to a subway station in Midtown.


Two women struggle to dominate their small piece of real estate in Midtown.


NOT HERE YET was first presented by Brief Acts Company (a division of Love Creek Productions) at the Changing of the Seasons: Autumn One-Acts, September 2012, at the Producers’ Club in New York City.



Time & Setting: A summer afternoon in 1999 in the living room of an apartment at The Dakota.


Two worlds collide when an elderly resident of New York's most fabled apartment building entertains his first visitor in years.


THE DAKOTA had its world premiere at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival, June 2005, at the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City, where it won an award for Best Short Play.




Time & Setting: A Saturday afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art.


Three visitors offer conflicting accounts of a disruptive incident at the Museum of Modern Art one Saturday afternoon.


MUSEUM PIECE had its world premiere at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival, April 2010, at the Theatre for a New City in New York City.





A Comedy by William Fowkes



Cast Breakdown:

Actor #1

THE SESSION: Patient—age 40s.

THE DAKOTA: Mark Mayfield—age 40.

MUSEUM PIECE: #3—age 30s/40s.

Actor #2

THE SESSION: Therapist—age 30s/40s.

NOT HERE YET: Charlene—age 40s.

MUSEUM PIECE: #2—age 30s/40s.

Actor #3

NOT HERE YET: Eleanor—age 30s/40s.

MUSEUM PIECE: #1—age 30s/40s.

Actor #4

NOT HERE YET: Richard—age 40s/50s.

THE DAKOTA: Earl Mumford—age 71.